My wife is too hairy

Aug 27, - I have a solution! "Treat Her" to some Laser hair removal sessions:) Act as if it's a gift "Hey honey, I know you hate shaving so I thought I would buy you these gift cards to get some laser hair removal treatments, so you will never have the hassle of shaving again:)" you could also mention that it winds up. My wife is really hairyadvice? | Yahoo Answers Mira. Age: 25. Have you ever cum so intensely that you thought you would pass out I say you employ that trick by leaving those around your home op: Make sure to throw in a facial, too. Oct 30, - But be warned, it could irritate her skin, and if it does she must stop immediately and possibly see a dermatologist. And if you really want to do something nice for her, I suggest taking her in for a consultation for laser hair removal. It will make the hair gone permanently. Yes, that means it won't grow back. Sasha. Age: 20. How would you like me to come and meet you in your office after work? Where you can bend me over your desk, hitching my short black skirt up, running your hand up the back of my stockings, pulling my black lace panties to one side where you can feel just how wet my pussy is before you push your hard, hot cock deep inside me. REVEALED: How men REALLY feel about women’s body hair Jan 5, - as it's not too short. The feeling of my big guy rubbing against a brillo pad is a bit off-putting, and can generally be painful if it hits the wrong spots. One man posted: “I am only turned on to natural hairy women, she doesnt have to One man wrote: “I like it when my wife shaves her legs and pits and trims. Nov 13, - Finally My Wife Is Getting Hairy: A true, personal story from the experience, I Prefer Women With Pubic Hair. I have finally convinced my wife to let her pussy hair grow over the winter months since no one will see it but me anyway. I just love getting my face down in the thick hair. I really love it when it.

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Lana. Age: 27. Kindly email me to know the prices about the services / any questions you have Sep 13, - She is very hot and nice and smart and charming, but there's just this one thing that I'm having trouble getting past - she is too hairy down there. Fully agree with you Paul, why is he complaining that this woman has a naturally hairy bush of 1" of hair, my wife's hair is 4" full bush, and has been since we. Sep 26, - Hi, my wife has hairy nipples andy I love it. It is not a problem. She is of Latin origin and has a really hairy pussy up to her crack. Personally, it worried her and I told her I love her for who she is. She is extremely beautiful with a great body. She shaves her legs, pits and lets her bush roam free. Totally natural. Jun 17, - My boyfriend is extremely hairy. I've told Presumably, this was a preexisting condition when you were first attracted to him and you knew that you were getting into a hairy situation. We dated for a while, but then my mother found out and made us break up, so we did, but we never really ended things.


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