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Oct 16, - He was wearing boxers, basketball shorts, and I was in underwear (a thong). Some of the semen got on my thong from seeping through his 2 layers, so my first question would be: Can sperm go through his clothes and make me pregnant? My second question is: If a little semen, after. Can sperm go through clothes? - WebMD Answers Tali. Age: 23. I am an young natural women, i do not like to play i am someone else,i like to enjoy things and surpraices what the life brings Most women do not ovulate while on their period, but eggs can live up to two days while sperm can live for in a woman's body. Most women are fertile for about one to two weeks during their menstrual cycle. It is important to remember that getting pregnant through clothes is completely different than withdrawal. Withdrawal would be when the man takes his penis out of the woman's vagina immediately before ejaculating. This isn't effective (only about 70% effective), because pre-ejaculate contains sperm and can still end up. Darcy. Age: 24. Kisses from your... Can Pregnancy Occur if…? Pregnancy Myths Cleared Up! Very Low Chance of Pregnancy. He ejaculated but we were both wearing thick clothing. If you and your partner were both wearing thick pants and underwear then no, you cannot get pregnant if your partner ejaculates in his pants.2,3 Sperm can only swim through fluid, such as semen or vaginal fluid so it is impossible for. Detecting semen can be done a few ways. Online kits use a liquid to expose semen as a different color. Although these kits are accurate, they can be expensive, especially if you are testing multiple articles of clothing. Each kit yields results for five to 10 articles of clothing. A less-expensive but still accurate.

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Andy. Age: 25. I enjoy meeting interesting and sensual gentlemen May 23, - Can sperm travel through clothing or material? If the clothing was completely saturated with semen and was in direct contact with a woman's vagina, there is a very slight chance the sperm could enter the vagina, but this is highly unlikely. No conclusive studies give a definite answer on this possibility. Can sperm pass through underwear? Pregnancy question. Can sperm travel through fabric? Doctors lounge. If the underwear is completely saturated with semen, and in direct contact woman's vagina, pregnancy.


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