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Do I have to shave before a facial and if not, how soon afterwards can I shave? First, how smart of you to take care of yourself. Men needs facials even more than women, so congratulations on wanting to incorporate facials into your health routine. Generally speaking, few men even put sun block on to protect against skin. Spa Frequently Asked Questions Lichelle. Age: 24. Fun, playful, discreet, ebony companion for the discerning gentleman- If you do shave on the day of your facial, be sure to do so at least six to eight hours before your appointment. Mar 24, - Exfoliation preps your skin to release trapped ingrown hairs below the skin and removes dead skin cells so you can get a closer shave. Moisturizing and brightening the skin during a facial is also important to maintaining healthy skin. If a guy wants to get a facial before a special occasion, how many days. Inari. Age: 23. My name is Jae Lee which is Chinese for Beautiful Flower Facial Etiquette: Seven Things to Know Before You Go Feb 1, - Who doesn't want a smooth face after shaving! Exfoliation comes into play, find how to exfoliate your face. Dec 28, - Im getting a Micro peel done on my face soon. I have been growing a small beard which I trim everyday. Just wondering if I should shave before I get the Micro peel done or is it alright to have a small beard while getting a Micro peel / Chemical peel? Each of my beard hair is almost half inch long. shave  When is the best time to shave before laser hair treatment? Doctor.

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Hannah. Age: 19. Hello, I am Nadia If you're like most men, you wake up and shave your face at least a few mornings each week. Chances are you've had your fair share of catastrophes over the years. From razor burns to acne breakouts, shaving can be a hazardous activity if you don't do it right. There's an easy fix for a lot of the problems: Wash your face first. Electric razors are convenient and quick, requiring less preparation before shaving than safety razors, and are somewhat gentler on sensitive skin. For some types of hair, however, they tend to leave an uneven or patchy shave on the face. More traditional razors work well on all types of skin and for all types of hair.


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