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Jul 19, - It's hard to argue how an orgasm could NOT be good for anyone's health, so it's easy to believe that there are true-blue proven health benefits to having multiple O-faces in a day. Sex with yourself is a stellar way to maintain mental health and sanity for obvious reasons -- you can have it as many times a day. 11 Reasons You Should Be Having More Orgasms | HuffPost Bella. Age: 25. "Gentlemen always remember that a woman is like a gentle wind and a man is like a flute, and when she plays her flute right a beautiful sound is played played wrong the man looses his power" What they discovered was that the women who reported a frequency of orgasm during intercourse tended to live longer than those who reported being less sexually fulfilled. So found researchers late last year when they caused a You Tube sensation by filming for the first time, the female brain in the throes of orgasm. Jun 13, - It sounds like a problem that every guys would want to have, but see why frequent orgasms could negatively affect your sexual health. Meg. Age: 18. Very Independent Create a new password May 5, - So you probably don't need an excuse to orgasm more — the act kind of sells itself —but did you know that orgasms have health benefits? Yup, in direct contradiction to what your grandma used to say about masturbation causing hair to grow on your hands, orgasms are actually good for you in a number of. Apr 3, - Sex and orgasms offer a range of health benefits you probably didn't know about; some may say the equivalent of a really great workout. We feel better, we look better, we have a better night's sleep, and while we're at it, we're relieving stress. We're accomplishing so many good things at once. Each sweaty.

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Jodie. Age: 26. big warm hello, to all my friends and to those new friends that would love to meet me in the near future... Aug 12, - Want to protect against heart attack, sleep better and ease your headache? Have more ORGASMS! Experts reveal 12 reasons climaxing is good for your HEALTH After climax the 'love' hormone oxytocin is released - promoting affection; Orgasm acts as a natural anti-depressant as endorphins are. When doing research for a recent show segment, I discovered a fact that may make our male counterparts jealous: according to some experts women are capable of having (at least) 11 different types of orgasms. Regardless of which one you master, there are many health benefits of orgasms outside of the realm of pleasure. Find out why having sex (and the orgasms that come with it) can boost your health when it comes to both your mind and body.


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