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Dec 1, - Question: My boyfriend was recently released from prison and believes saltpeter was put in the food. How do you remove the effects after numerous years? Answer: Saltpeter (potassium nitrate) is falsely believed to lower libido. Youngsters in boarding schools and summer camps, as well as men in the. Beyond Bratwurst: A History of Food in Germany - Ursula Heinzelmann - Google Books Kacey. Age: 28. I'm 27 years old, natural beauty with nice face and natural round boobs and fanny If you consider that most prisons believe that inmates should be worked, rather than spend all day in a cell or dorm, then you really have to wonder how effective salt peter really is if it was used. Nov 15, - I always heard it was Saltpeter that allegedly caused someone to not be interested in sex. However it's an old wives tale. I did find a message board topic about this confirming that there is nothing added to food to adjust an inmates sex drive. S. Maserati. Age: 22. lovely classy girl in istanbul. Photo is original. I speak fluent english and some turkish. With me you not only have fun, but my companion bery interesting as well. 10 natural aphrodisiac foods that could help to boost your sex drive this Valentine's Day Hello Friends, I have a question??? Has anyone heard about salt peter>>??? It is something they put in food or drink they feed the prisoners. I have heard it slows down the mens sex drive. And what are the side effects>?? And is it harmful to them.? If anyone has any info on this chemical I would be so. May 4, - Other inmates prefer food sent from their families or they may cook for themselves with limited supplies like rice, instant noodles, canned food, and condiments, in addition to the . He observed that being incarcerated with only men for a certain amount of time has messed with prisoner's sex drives.

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Mila. Age: 25. I'm so glad youve found me Sep 12, - Food and sex have a long, complicated history together. For years we've heard that what we eat can have sexual effects that work on both a psychosomatic level and a physiological level. Supported in part by mythological beliefs and partly by actual science, we have widely accepted that what turns us on. She is saying that in jail that they give them a type of red koolaid that makes all the female inmates get a yeast infection. has anyone ever heard of the food or drinks making the inmates sick? Cause she also said they put alot of yeast in the foods to keep their sex drive down and keep them feeling drowsy and under "control". have in relation to inmate behavior by compiling scientific evidence surrounding food allergies, hypoglycemia, trace elements (toxins), and food dyes and additives. Hypoglycemia (low blood sugar due to lack of food or eating highly refined carbs) alone can lead to a host of symptoms, including fatigue, irritability.


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