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Aug 9, - When men urinate standing up, pee ricochets off the porcelain beyond the toilet or urinal. Women want a way to keep the toilet and bathroom floor free of splashing urine, and so does Mrs. Wiener. They only gave one hint that splash might be a concern: they make urinals with an optional “target fly. The Unfortunate Physics of Male Urination Roxie. Age: 24. With me you will get nothing less than the best !!! As fluids stream through the air, they break into droplets—the technical term for this is Plateau-Rayleigh instability—and droplets of urine splash more than a stream of urine. Jan 22, - A court in Germany has ruled in favour of a man's right to urinate while standing up after his landlord demanded money for damage to the bathroom floor. Anya. Age: 29. I am a confidante a clandestine sanctuary in a loud and uproarious city The prostate and pee problems Jan 22, - For millions of German men it is masculinity's last domain. But for their wives, girlfriends and partners, it is often the perennial bane of their domestic lives. The question is now: does a man have a legal right to do what comes naturally and pee standing up? Jul 1, - I'm all for free pee rights when it's an emergency, but come on, at a public park in plain view when the restroom is RIGHT THERE?? So about French men urinating everywhere but the toilet. This is not an isolated incident, nor is it something that only drunk, homeless guys do. Two of my male family.

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Lucen. Age: 28. Hey guys Look NO Further Mar 3, - If you're a true gentleman, you should pee sitting down. While most men feel that there is something decidedly unmasculine about urinating sitting down, Phil Robinson is happy to admit that he goes to the loo like a lady. 'I've learned that men who stand up to urinate in a toilet which is designed to be sat on  Missing: free. The prostate and pee problems. Because this is a shame topic, some men don't like to talk about these problems. Men need to do more yarning about these problems to keep healthy. alt= Border. What is the prostate? The prostate is a part of the body that is about the size of a walnut. It is just below the bladder (pee bag).Missing: free. Jun 22, - Dan: One of the most liberating things a man can do is pee in nature, the only thing that can come close is peeing in the shower. If a guy tells you he And so you don't feel bad letting loose (often hands-free) and aiming for the drain. And I have never just peed in the shower because of a sudden urge.


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