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“Uncircumcised men need to pull their foreskin all the way back to wash the head of their penis once or twice a day with soapy water. “If that is not done, then secretions and a substance called smegma can accumulate and cause a bad smell.” defines smegma as: A foul-smelling, pasty accumulation. Why does my penis always smell like fish? - Sexual Health - Men Message Board - HealthBoards Suzy. Age: 21. No anonymous calls Dude Wipes are flushable wet wipes designed by men, created for men. Dec 14, - A smelly penis usually isn't cause for concern. Here's how to find relief, other symptoms to watch for, and when to see your doctor. Ice. Age: 27. Never rushed, even quick meets are always fun What Causes a Smelly Penis and How Is It Treated? I have been sexually inactive for the past 5 or so months now, and this problem arose probably a week or so ago so I think I can officially rule out STD's. No matter how much I clean my penis, it still smells like fish. I literally have no idea what to do. I'm talking up this chick at the moment, and I don't want my  My dick smells like cheese (srs). Nov 4, - I'm a year-old male who's just started seeing my first girlfriend. My girlfriend keeps complaining that my penis smells. I'm uncircumcised and I wash my penis twice daily and try to wear my foreskin pulled back as much as I can but I find that extremely uncomfortable at times. I don't know what else to try.

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Holly. Age: 29. South Indian beauty Tamil speaking, for here for u, to tasfully satisfy your needs with girlfriend Experiance, no rush and punctual, love to give long oral,a service which u will not be disappointed rite ok, i shower at least once a day and especially clean around my genitals ect but recently ive noticed this smell coming from my penis even though i im not circumsized,the smell is really strong and is there even after i take a shower,, there is no rash or redness,no discharge, yes my urine smells of this. Jul 19, - Ok so for a few months now i have been dealing with this problem. My penis always smells like fish =/ i usually don't wipe it up after i masturbate (i. In men, the symptoms that they are most likely to cause would include burning with urination, pain in the penis, or discharge of material from the tip of the penis. Odor alone in the groin would not likely be from a sexually transmitted infection. What would be more likely to cause odor in the groin would be a fungal infection of.


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