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Apr 27, - Man these xannies make me stupid bitches fuckin for her music. All my niggas with that gay shit. "Gay Nigga Freestyle" Track Info. C0RY – Gay Nigga Freestyle Lyrics | Genius Lyrics Monica. Age: 28. I'm deliciously sassy, alluringly mischievous, and a leggy blond sweetheart! I stand 5 ft 10 in Verified Artists All Artists: We'll have things fixed soon. Nov 28, - Rip off his dick. And put it in his ear. YUH YUH YUH He smells like a banana. YUH YUH YUH YUH YUH I am stealing your presents. How do you feel [Menorah Boi] Verse 2: Yeah (Yuh) Menorah Boi hitting it like we got this pit. Yeah Yuh (Yuh) Big Dick Menorah hitting with these handles. With these eight. Alice. Age: 18. Touring: Hong Kong 27th Jul - 1st of August 2017 Singapore 2nd - 6th of August 2017 So Unpimpable Lyrics Put a dick in your ear and fuck what you heard · She tried to pull my fly south, I ain't want the bird. Cause I've been killin these hoes, these niggas just drop dead (dead) In the drop head, all we do is bop head (yes) To the side like Busta in the Pepsi ad. With my Colombiana mama, yep she bad (she bad) She in the latest. I'll Buss 'Em U Punish 'Em Lyrics: Yeah, I'll buss 'em, and you punish 'em / Uhh, yeah / Let me buss 'em / Naw, I'mma punish 'em / Ra, let me buss 'em / Naw, I'mma punish 'em / Naw, let me buss 'em / Naw You can't even breathe, the weed suffocates your lung sacs And stick my dick in your ear and fuck what you heard.

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Chelsey. Age: 23. Warm kisses Flava In Ya Ear (Remix) Lyrics: Bad Boys, come out and play / You know we had to do a remix, right? / Uh, uh / Niggas is mad I get more butt than ash trays / Fuck a fair one, I get mine the fast way / Ski mask. Ok this next one is a beat produced by one of my favorite producers, called Yung Boi Really inspiring, keep it locked. Mmm, yung cocoa, tell em where it's at [Hook: yung cocoa] x2. If I was gay I would suck my own dick. If I had a lady I'd fuck my own So perk up your ears for what i got to say. Gabby gabby gabby, always. For Your Ear Lyrics: I creep through your alley AKA the ill mortician / Kickin' backstabbers in the illest of position / Yo, you know my style with the guts in the bucket / Lukewarm cadavers make me. Your ballin, and knew my pick with, sebaceous?dick wits? The cause from the mystic, gets ya mystic lifted. Flesh is blown, with  Missing: boi.


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