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Nov 13, - I have been masturbating a lot lately. I have noticed that my skin on penis is very dry. Do you think that this is caused by masturbation or is it a sign of some condition? Please give me more information. This topic is answered by a medical expert. Everything You Must Know About Male Sex & Masturbation Issues Debbie. Age: 20. 4/20 friendly Yes, my password is: Is it normal to feel tired after masturbation? Feb 6, - every now and then i masterbate in the shower. it is such an extraordinary sensation. be warned, don't use dry soap's like ivory or irish spring, they will dry out your hands after a shower and cause your hands to peel because they are dried out. use an moisturizer soap such as Dove. after your shower and. Nylon. Age: 27. I'm Summer What You Must Know About Male Sex & Masturbation Issues Aug 26, - I don't remember how bad it was then, I remember one time after doing it a lot there were scabs the next morning (I laid off for a bit). I'm circumsized and use my left hand, so the skin where the shaft meets the head from the left side and in the middle particularly (on top as in dorsal) always looks badly. Jun 27, - I was wondering if you've ever heard of someone being allergic to semen or allergic to anything that is excreted from the body, though the skin, during masturbation? When I masturbate, the skin on my groin area becomes dry and some dead skin "rubs&q.

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Proxy. Age: 24. my name is Sophia and I am independent companion based in Prague Men who tend to engage in dry masturbation may find the skin of the penis becomes red and irritated. This happens because without the presence of lubrication, the hand creates a lot of skin on skin friction, which can cause microscopic abrasions and tears. Dry masturbators may also find they are prone to little dry patches. 6, you will be terrible because of masturbation, after only a few years, it will turn you into a fair student from the top ones you used to be, if you do not face it 12, masturbation will cause a lot of unexplained illness of your eyes, when you see things as ghosts, masturbation you will feel dry in the near future. Flaking and Dryness: Masturbating excessively can lead to dry penis skin especially affecting the sensitive skin of the head of the penis. If this one were true, there wouldn't be an adult male getting around without a seeing eye dog and barbers would spend much more time cutting the hair on hands than on heads.


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