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Jul 16, - I will say this, using a bidet is awesome not only does it cut down on toilet paper usage, but you feel more clean down there. There are many clean yourself? Surf internet on iphone, poop, turn on bidet until I feel clean then turn off, use TP to pat dry, flush. . Do women use the bidet to pee? no. Do you use  Men of Reddit, do you wipe after you pee? Why or why. Don’t Pee in the Bidet Jynx. Age: 28. I enjoy nude sun bathing, bubble baths, wine tasting, intense gym sessions, dancing, licking lollipops, and sucking popsicles to massage my throat!! A slightly odd question, but since you're answering I'll give it a shot. 1. Gary Thompson1 year ago. i love love ladies sitting on a toilet and/or bidet to pee. Read more. Show less. Vesta. Age: 18. Cim 30e An Idiot’s Incomplete Guide to the Bidet My cat using the bidet. Nov 9, - Beloved actress Jennifer Lawrence wants to finally put that one pesky rumor to rest: Yes, she washes her hands after using the bathroom, you weirdos! She just said she didn't to freak out her Hunger Games co-stars, Josh Hutcherson and Liam Hemsworth, Lawrence revealed today on Facebook. And as.

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Rainia. Age: 23. Je privilegie la qualite d'accompagnement. L'erotisme et la sensualite font partie de ma personnalite. Je suis une femme douce, extrкmement sensuelle, je suis toujours attentive a vos besoins. Apr 25, - In a video supplement to a new interview with Vanity Fair, Schumer, who covers the May issue, provides context for a few stories Lawrence recently shared with the magazine. In one, Lawrence elusively instructed: "Ask [Schumer] if she's ever seen someone pee in a bidet." No surprise, Schumer dove. Sep 20, - Bidet is the French word for a small pony, so basically this is a "cleaning pony" you'd ride post-pee. Or something like that. The modern porcelain bidet was created by Americans in the s, but not many folks in the ol' U S of A got into it and so it was mostly exported and adopted in other countries. Feb 29, - Bidets and “little douches” (like this: are just so necessary as sinks and toilets. I just can't understand why americans don't wash their intimate parts just after pee or pooh. That's just something which intrigues A LOOOOOOOTTTTTT!!! The worst thing is the PRICEY.


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