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What is Semen? Semen (meaning seed in Latin), male ejaculate, or “cum," is a combination of seminal fluid and mature sperm (spermatozoa), which is ejaculated through the urethra during the male orgasm. Semen is the medium through which a male's sperm is delivered to a female's egg cell, or ovum, during procreative  Seminal Vesicle‎: ‎Amino acids, proteins, sugars. Composition of Human Semen Mindi. Age: 23. Hello world and thank you for visiting my profile There is a conversation going on between the seminal fluid and the uterine environment, with long-term consequences for offspring. The corpus spongiosum runs along the underside of the cavernosa. Jun 1, - Sperm and semen are not the same thing. Spermatazoa, or sperm, is the name given to the reproductive cell that looks like a tadpole. Seminal fluid is the stuff that the tadpole swims in. Together they form semen — an armored tank carrying a fertilization superhero. Or, as Morgentaler calls them. Mandy. Age: 30. Welcome Gentlemen, I am Clarice sharedjourney home Feb 4, - We often think of reproduction as involving only sperm and egg. But a new study highlights the seminal role of liquid semen in fertility and healthy offspring. May 8, - Human semen is the grayish white bodily fluid which is emitted from the urethra during ejaculation. Semen contains sperms which can fertilize the female ova to produce new life. The average volume of semen in an ejaculation is about ml.

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Florence. Age: 18. Deep in your soul you have a desire, a longing, a fantasy Dec 15, - This study was designed to establish whether motile spermatozoa are released with pre-ejaculatory fluid and whether this fluid therefore poses a risk for unintended pregnancy. Forty samples of pre-ejaculatory fluid were examined from 27 volunteer men. Samples were obtained by masturbation and by. Your testicles are responsible for producing sperm cells that swim in the seminal fluid that is produced in multiple different glands in the male reproductive system. In fact, sperm cells make up only about 1% to 5% of male ejaculate by volume. The remaining 95%+ of ejaculated seminal fluid is there to help propel, feed, and.


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