Orgasm during a physical exam

Oct 16, - I dunno man, I went in for my annual physical two days ago and the total amount of time examining my penis and testicles was like maybe 30 seconds. I don't .. I'm currently breastfeeding, and while I haven't noticed any orgasms or "pleasure" per say, I did feel "high" the first couple months every time my  17/M- I accidentally ejaculated at my physical exam, did I. Jizzed during physical exam. Most embarrassing moment of my life [Srs] - Forums Valentina. Age: 28. My name is Angie I am not making this up. I have come up with an agreement with my family doctor, urologists, ophthalmologist, resperatory technicians and other specialists that involvement of a neurologist would only be considered in cases where there might be something that showed involvement of the central nervous system. Apr 11, - As a male who has suffered from ED, I know what is going to be in an examination for peyronies as well. When I can obtain an erection, Caverject injection into the penis, it bends towards the left and has a large dent in the left side. During a follow up on my problems with ED, the urologist examined my. Skin. Age: 22. My name is ! ANGELINA Now I came in your town!! I`am an extraordinary girl full of sensual sophistication and feminity who is able to give many unforgettable moments to a gentleman of discerning taste! Inducing orgasm as part of exam May 12, - If you're wondering whether a gynecologist can tell if a woman has an orgasm during an exam, then the answer is possibly. During arousal and orgasm there are some physical changes that can occur to the genitals. So if the health care provider in question were examining a woman during an orgasm, they. Aug 2, - Orgasm is a physical response to stimulation and doesn't really care about social expectations. There are women who have orgasms during labor. The doctor may have realized what happened, but there is no way you were the first patient to have this happen. Clearly not, since he had a response ready to.

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Veruca. Age: 23. whatever your looking for i bet i can full fill, from freaky fun to hugs and kisses Someone from Seven Lakes posted a whisper, which reads "I had an orgasm during a physical exam once Now that's embarrassing ". Ok, so the doctor, who is also male, was doing the normal prodding and pulling while checking my genitals for abnormalities and such when I begin to, quite out of nowhere, get a semi. This has never happened to me in all the dozen or so physicals that I have had during my life. In fact I usually experience a. Mar 17, - Sexual Arousal During Medical Exams In My Humble Opinion (IMHO) The closest I ever came to this was probably during the worst physical exam I ever experienced. The company I worked for had just switched medical insurance. . Massages nearly send me to orgasm. Seriously. Even if they're done.


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