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There are many reasons for freezing canine semen. Perhaps the most important reason is to preserve and insure the breeding potential of a dog against loss, death or infertility. This provides for the stud dog to sire puppies when he is no longer able to do so. Freezing semen also allows for the transport of genetic material. Canine Breeding with Frozen Semen - Using Frozen Semen for Dog Breeding Monicka. Age: 27. I’m real models, business women and also my, “full time emloyees “ Puppy deaths occurred in Deb , GypsyGhost and Glaicer like this. Frozen semen can be sent to Veterinary Medical Center several weeks prior to the breeding, we will store the semen until it is needed. Veterinary Medical Center in Easton, MD, offers frozen semen handling and a full canine reproduction program for breeders in the Easton, Del-Marva Region, Delaware and Eastern Shore. Nicky. Age: 21. I am Mei Akagi, bisexual, mid 20s, a Japanese girl who can show you what you have been missing Planning a Breeding with Frozen Semen Straws to Paws LLC is a Synbiotics certified and AKC recognized, canine semen freezing center. We offer on site storage for your safety and convenience. We also accept semen transfers from other facilities and offer kennel discounts for multiple dog freezing and storage. Straws to Paws owners Dr. Mary Stankovics and. In this study bitches were inseminated; with fresh semen into the cranial vagina and 65 with frozen semen transcervically into the uterus. The pregnancy rate was % with fresh semen and The overall puppy death rate during the first 3 weeks of life was %. Although not statistically significant, there was a.

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Keiran. Age: 26. Hello, my name is Francesca Smirnoff,Eastern European companion HOW IS SEMEN COLLECTED? Semen is collected from the stud dog by manual stimulation. The different parts, or fractions, of the ejaculate are collected separately so that good quality sperm-rich semen is frozen and stored. In general, semen of best quality and higher counts are collected when the stud dog's libido is high. This is not because of our technique, but rather the relative instability of canine sperm when frozen or chilled. Additionally, in cattle, the regularity and competency of the reproductive physiology of the female has been consistently selected for breeding, while this is not the case in dogs. Cattle that do not have a predictable. Frozen canine semen has gained in acceptance and demand since the American Kennel Club first recognized a litter conceived from frozen semen in The advantages to a breeding program using frozen semen are numerous. The most obvious benefit is long-term storage of a superior stud dog's genetic material.


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