Men and women wearing pantyhose

Mar 3, - Originally Answered: Can men wear pantyhose without being made fun of? Clay Babin has a point. This question has been brought up in the past and I have had conversations with men who are wearers wanting equality but without condemnation from the public eye for wearing women's hose in a way that promotes a more  Most men today wear tights and pantyhose. Do women mind it? Why on earth would you, a man wear tights / pantyhose? – Mirra. Age: 29. I'm hoping you'll help me figure this out while I help you with whatever you need :) I'm not shy, and I promise I'll deliver to the best of my abilities Pantyhose and other "compression stockings" can be worn to provide relief from leg or ankle swelling and varicose veins. I personally recommend wearing the hose under your trousers if you are interested in the feeling mostly. Mar 19, - A man who has been walking into stores and flashing women while wearing pantyhose has been caught on tape. Amaranta. Age: 25. If you're tire of fake girls and girls faking it, come see me A woman’s view on men in hosiery by Nohealani Jun 2, - Fabulous and feminine Men in Dresses, Heels & Pantyhose. Stunningly feminine beautiful feminine men. For crossdresser outfits and dresses for crossdressers v. Male pantyhose, or mantyhose, is emerging as a viable solution for complaints by men of aching, tired legs, varicose veins, or other circulation issues. Now, it's left to the women in their lives to come to terms with it Sarah was shocked to discover a pair of pantyhose in her husband Jeff's sock drawer. Her alarm turned to.

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Dillion. Age: 26. Looking for some company? Jun 8, - The following is an excerpt from my book, "Fairly Odd Mother: Musings of a Slightly Off Southern Mom." I wasn't too upset when men went all metrosexual and got in touch with their feminine sides. No right-minded woman is going to turn away a man who smells nice and wears clean shirts, which. May 22, - A woman shares her view on men who wear pantyhose / tights. This exceptionally insightful article explores the psychology on both sides of the issue. Feb 13, - Wear a thick one, and wear your favorite summer trousers over, or even shorts. Is it the rainy foggy day that could end up both as a slightly warm or slightly cold one? Just wear a den or den, thin / semi thin version under your trousers. In between? Choose from a dozen types of tights made for men.


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