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May 24, - "Pot had the ability to slow down time, Orgasms seem to last for 30 seconds and are incredibly intense.“It makes me super-horny because I'm so relaxed. It's akin to vacation sex.” Elizabeth. So, does marijuana really boost libido? The overwhelming consensus of many people self-taught experts, medical. Sex and Marijuana | SexInfo Online Flower. Age: 24. looking for sugardaddy.... The mental perception users feel relaxed, energized, upbeat, innovative, full of creativity, focused alert, blissful and elated which. Despite its high intoxication potential, marijuana has a low dependency (or addictive) potential and low risk of organ damage or death. One reason that some people may report a heightened sense of sexuality is that marijuana often distorts users' sense of time, thus creating the illusion of prolonged arousal and orgasm. Chessie. Age: 28. Adventurous ladies, gentlemen and open-minded couples, welcome!rnrnPlease allow me to introduce myself; my name is Gabriella HEALTH A-Z & MARIJUANA NEWS Oct 3, - The doctors also looked for clinical symptoms of potential tumors near the clitoris, but they concluded none were present. Therefore, they decided the intense, five-hour sex session and cannabis use may have overactivated a nerve, making the orgasms uncontrollable. Past research has linked marijuana. Oct 16, - Whereas with weed, if it makes you extra horny which leads to grand orgasms, chances are, at the end you'll walk away with Mr. Sandman and wake up . The only thing that could be potentially disappointing for more devoted female stoners is that the spray doesn't get the rest of your body or brain high.

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Bethany. Age: 25. please contact with me Aug 21, - The Pharmalogical Research Journal recently published a study to determine the aphrodisiac potential of pot as a major libido-booster. intention, cannabis users report that it increases sexual stamina and skill, awakens creativity, prolongs orgasms and intensifies the emotional bonding between partners. Jun 19, - Women in particular report experiencing longer, more intense and even multiple orgasms in the bedroom (or wherever else) while high on that stuff. But which strain provides the best sexual experience, indica or sativa? If you're looking to cannabis maximize your orgasmic satisfaction, knowing which  Missing: potential. Jul 7, - It's a truth universally acknowledged that having sex while high is amazing. Women who've reported their experiences claim that their orgasms were longer, stronger and in some cases multiple. A less known but still-interesting fact is that different strains of cannabis affect your body and sexual performance  Missing: potential.


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