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Jul 20, - They are vampires (and werewolves, in Jake's case). This is the deal: Jake and Nessie married when Renesmee caught up with him at She stopped aging (pretend!) and of course, he isn't growing b/c he's a wolf. They've been married for a year. They have been intamite. Anything else? I'm not sure. Sex Life of Nessie and Jacob Chapter 2: Bath Fun, a twilight fanfic | FanFiction Nonna. Age: 23. Vous pouvez aussi me contacter sur WhatsApp je peux voyager aussi a d'autres ville en France pour un minimum 2 heures reservation Edward and Bella give Nessie the sex talk, only to find out that Jacob had already gone farther than that. Nov 14, - *Renesmee*. Jacob was huge at damn near 11 inches and at first I was scared but now that he was in me and my body was reshaping me into his woman I couldn't be more content. . "Renesmee just because you are almost at full maturity does not mean you can go off having sex" said my mother. Time to. Annie. Age: 22. For some days just! Sunlight: Renesmee's Story Jul 20, - Edward and Bella give Nessie the sex talk, only to find out that Jacob had already gone farther than that. Rated M. Some Lemons, after the 2nd chapter. First Chapter: Sex Talk from Bella and Edward. The rest about the Sex life of Nessie and Jacob. Rated: Fiction M - English - Jacob, Renesmee C./Nessie. Jul 7, - Oneshot and I've decided to make this into a miniseries of Renesmee and Jacob having some really bad luck with losing their virginity. It had only been a week since Renesmee and I got caught almost having sex but not before she stepped into a pile of broken glass when she tried to surprise me for my.

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Jan. Age: 19. I am Lana Nov 3, - When patrols finally eased off, Jake and I arranged to meet. I arrived at his house on the reservation, ready to jump right on him. "Woah, Ness, nice to see you too!" He said when I jumped up and kissed him, wrapping my legs around his waist. "Let's have sex." I said. "Geez, Nessie, can we at least go out on. "Nothing its spectacular" "What is"? "Look"she said holding up the test "Oh my god ur positive" "Yep,were. Jul 22, - Chapter Twelve: Nessie. *. I woke up late Saturday morning. I was having too good of a dream- Jake and I were in some unknown place, but it was warm, and we were making love I felt ashamed. I couldn't believe I had even thought about that. God, I was only six, and I was having dreams about sex.


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